Buying and flipping tickets for concerts and sporting events can be a challenging and fun way to make a living as a ticket broker. In fact, many people around the world have made this their full-time career. The ticket broker industry has many similarities to selling stocks. Whether through extensive research, receiving a tip, or following your own intuition, the general rule of thumb in this game focuses on buying low and selling high. While becoming a successful ticket broker does not have a concrete roadmap, we can recommend a few things to be aware of to get you started.

Ticket Technology

Table with Technological Devices for use when reselling tickets

99% of ticket buying occurs online. And while the increased convenience and speed of buying has completely changed the game, the knowledge needed in advance of purchasing can give you a competitive edge. Buying tickets has become gamified and in order to secure the best tickets possible, you need to make sure your tech is in order. The most successful ticket brokers use two or more monitors, have the most up-to-date operating systems, and have extremely high internet speeds. A mouse and/or separate keyboard become necessities over the trackpad and built-in keyboard. Speed is the name of the game in modern-day ticket buying and without the best tech, your business will suffer.

Broker Capital

Utilizing Capital to Invest in Ticket Broker Inventory

First and foremost, being a Ticket Broker gets expensive. You can anticipate days in this industry where hundreds of thousands of dollars get spent at the drop of a hat. Keep these questions in mind in regards to capital:

1. What is my credit card limit?  How much am I willing to extend that limit?
2. How much am I willing to budget per day/week/month/year?
3. Can I handle the risk of potentially losing thousands on a risky buy?
4. What variable costs will I incur as I attempt to grow my business?

If you aren’t willing to invest large amounts of money at first, obviously there are many ways to build your bankroll slowly. However, your investment goes beyond simply tickets. Other necessary investments include inventory management platforms, up-to-date tech, presale lists, and data analytics tools. Without some combination of these investments, you probably won’t last long in this game.

Ticket Market knowledge

Market Analysis

Like any business, knowing the markets remains absolutely vital. Why invest heavily in something on a whim? Staying current with the latest trends in music and sports will always be the most important factor in becoming a successful ticket broker.

Here at TBU, we turn you into a professional ticket broker. Whether you start from scratch or you have veteran experience reselling tickets, flipping sneakers, or swapping vintage clothing, we give you everything you need to succeed. We offer 100% financial backing and a unique array of industry-specific tools to evaluate the primary and secondary markets. If you want to become a ticket broker, we can show you how.

We teach you the best methods for online ticket evaluation and pass along broker secrets to capitalize on resale. And did we mention 100% financial backing? If you understand arbitrage, then look no further. Let us teach you how to become a profitable ticket broker!

Written by Tyler C.

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